lundi 28 septembre 2009

WelcÖme to my battlefield :

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Sole & The Skyrider Band

jeudi 24 septembre 2009

kamikaze récidiviste :

pÖm pÖm tchäk :

"God's not a woman,
He's a big white guy in the sky,
And the deserts are reflections of his eyes,
He doesn't cry for us,
But when he does,
It's cause he's drunk,
And he's always fucked up"

[Verse 1 – Prolyphic]
We live in a plain/
Dick and Jane world/
Where everything’s the same/
And nothing can change/
It remains in a systematic cycle/
Where Kristen marries Michael/
Has two kids/
To add to the list/
Of Dicks and Janes/
Happiness that fits in a frame/
They’ll live in a bliss ignorant to the ways/
That the game is fixed and the magic is fake/
But they wish and they pray and they practice their faith/
Blindfolded high-holders/
And I notice their concern/
With the score and the stats/
Then the war in Iraq/
And you think this is God’s will/
You watch the economy rise but you’re out of a job still/
Can’t speak for themselves/
So they use ‘em and abuse ‘em go through ‘em like they keep ‘em on shelves/
Mass produced and moved in rows like cattle/
With bag full of things they don’t need/
And they shall proceed/
By feeding their face/
To obesity weights/
With plates of meats and processed foods/
Though they’re not healthy, but FDA approved/
They need pills to wake up, pills to go to sleep/
They still don’t get enough calcium and vitamin C/
They all wanna be on TV and tape it when it airs/
And everyone of them would sell their soul to be a millionaire/